Good Guys Home Inspection Testimonials

I had a pre-sale home inspection completed on a townhouse on Oct. 14. The report was very timely and Robert was so gracious and helpful on the phone, going over every single one of my concerns. He was VERY thorough. Do NOT buy a house without having the Good Guys do an inspection. They'll uncover things you never even dreamed of. You'll be so glad you did. The peace of mind is worth it. You Go, Good Guys!

M. Charles

After quite a bit of due diligence to find the right home inspection company for our new home, we were pleasantly surprised to find someone like Rob Powers at Good Guys Home Inspection. He spent a tremendous amount of time on our home, showed me the ins and outs of each system in the house and was as thorough as I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend that you use Good Guys for piece of mind when buying your new home.

Mark P

San Antonio, Texas

You did an excellent job and your report was the best we have ever seen. Thank you! We can be used as references if ever you want to use us.

Bo and Joan Mayne

San Antonio, Texas

You showed up with a smile and diligently performed my home inspection. You took time to show me things about that I had never thought of before and actually ended up saving me big $$ by identifying problems with the A/C and some bad electrical in the storage shed and pool area. This inspection was worth the money!

Terra V. Helotes


Wow! Good Guys caught a big problem with my brand new house. It is a fairly large home and has multiple attic spaces. The builder neglected to put insulation in a small attic space and they found a small water leak in the attic. These items may have gone months or years without notice. Very pleased indeed.

Brian H.

San Antonio Texas

Thank you for the report….extremely thorough and with definitely help me make up my mind….

J. Martinez


My inspector Robert is just a good honest person. Upfront and very knowledgeable. He really made me feel confident and educated in making a decision about having to back out of a home purchase because of foundation issues and a huge water leak in the front yard. I will be using his services on our next home inspection. Very honest, it is nice to know that their are still good people around.

Thank You, R. Shepherd

San Antonio Texas

I had my home inspection done by John on 03/12/15. I am very impressed with the service he provded. He was professional, made the inspection fun, he answered any questions my wife and I had, he went into the attic space to look around (a good many don't do that), he offered on the spot advide of how to fix easy to fix items, he took pictures, he has a heat gun to measure the temp of the AC until input and output, as I walked with him he explain what was wrong, what was major, or what was easy to fix, he took his time and made sure all of us went over what he found after he was done with his inspection.

Chris Hoppman

San Antonio, Texas

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